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I found a way to play Librivox free books!!

When an *.mp3 file is in the Audible subdirectory, the Kindle automatically treats it as an audio book!! :-D

So you download all the mp3 chapter files from a Librivox book,
you concatenate them (I us "cat" under Linux or with Cygwin),
then you edit the ID3 tag info (otherwise it shows the ID3 tag info for just the last chapter).

All mp3 files under Audible (even in subdirectories) show up as one book each in the home list.

(Ogg vorbis files don't get recognized. :-P )

Does anyone know how to turn a list of mp3 files into an audiobook with *chapters* which the Kindle audiobook reader will recognize?

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I have many audiobooks downloaded from Will those files transfer to the Kindle in order to either read or listen (or both!) as your mood or circumstances change? This would be the ultimate for me!
From what I've read, you need to use the Audible media application in Windows to get your Kindle set up for use with downloads.

I'm not sure how Audible media is about going from one device to another.
Help! Perhaps you guys know, I downloaded audiobook wives and lovers to my kindle it works fine; the problem is that all the chapters are on my main content window and takes up three pages. Is it possible to put the audio chapters in a subdirectory?

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