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In the middle of reading last night - my Kindle just froze. I had almost full battery power and was reading a book I bought from Amazon.

I turned the Kindle off. The screen stayed on! I left it for a couple of minutes thinking that the charge would die, but it didn't. I tried pressing and holding buttons, turning things on and off again.

I finally disconnected the battery and just let it sit for another 2-3 minutes, the screen finally faded and looked 'off'.

After I reinserted the battery and turned it on, it took a looong time to turn on. I went back to the book I'd been reading, I had to choose it from the menu, and it opened to where I'd started reading an hour before. Bummer!

I found my place, turned the Kindle off/on again. Everything is working normally with no more problems, yet.

Anyone else have this problem or know what causes it?

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Is it possible for a Kindle to have too much in its memory? Could that make it freeze or slow down?

Because I rarely read a book a second time, I save them to SD card when I am finished . Periodically I remove the SD card and replace it with an empty one from my camera. Then I put the SD card from the Kindle into the camera and format it and use it for photos! That gets rid of them entirely! No long lists of books on my Kindle.

Use a paper clip to press the reset button (beside the battery) on the back of the Kindle. :)
I wasn't sure if 'Reset' wiped it clean.... and I didn't have a paper clip!

I had the same problem 2 times since i purchased it on october.
I have no idea of why, but I follow the same procedure you used and everything was OK.
I don't usually have paper clips around but I have a nail clipper that has a small part with a tip which I've used 2 times to reset the Kindle in the 4 months I've had it.

Amazon has recommended that we hold that reset for about 10 seconds to make (almost) sure it works.
Also, they say this works best if you put the wall charger in because the problem is often associated with a low battery or one the Kindle thinks is low. That means it's best if you power ON also. Holding the reset longer does work better from accounts I've seen on Amazon's Kindle forums.

Also, a soft-reset can do the trick if the Kindle is only slightly confused. That's done with an Alt-Shift-R combination -- all pressed at once for a few seconds. It's a bit like the Windows Ctrl-Alt-Del, actually.
I just got my Kindle for Christmas and I had the same experience last night... I have only had it for a week. It was late at night so I went to sleep not too happy but I am wondering what to do! I had to rush out to class this morning and have not been able to work on it but the screen was still frozen when I left today.
I plan on resetting it when I get home and if that doesn't work then pulling the battery. I am getting really frustrated as I have done only two downloads and the battery was charged, Whispernet was off. Just curious how often does this happen and why don't they give you some instruction on what to do about it!?
I had the exact same problem once and went through the very same steps. I think because the screen is not backlit, the current display doesn't need any power so stays on when you get a lock-up situation as we did. I had the same thing happen when it started up - took a long time. But then everything worked (my last reading position was saved) I think the key is removing the battery for a minute or so. But I have no idea what caused this. I'm hoping it was a fluke and will never happen again! It happened once to me, and I've had the Kindle about 3 months.
Keith, that's exactly my experience too. Usually a soft reset (alt-shift-R) will fix that but in one case I had to do a hard reset in the back.

The Kindle will seem to freeze when the next page is a large graphic (a full-page photo from a book) and then if we press a lot of keys, I think the Kindle can get confused. Now I try to be a bit more patient and not ask for too much, too quickly.

Also, if one's battery is half-full or lower, these problems seem to happen more often. Amazon recommends we keep our batteries above half full (recharging them if they fall below that). I just plug it in each night. Wireless off. Mine is usually switched on, with a screen saver, which Bezos says does not use battery power (when a pixel on the screen changes then it needs the battery). Unlike other battery types, this one does not lose when we top off regularly and seems to be happier.

Wireless use REALLY drains the battery by the way. I do some web-browsing when out, with searches, etc., and instead of lasting a week, it will last only two hours or so.
What should one do if their Kindle, after following all of these resetting, pulling the battery out, etc. steps and it stays frozen? I'm quite worried..
I'd call customer service at

They're very helpful! They'll go through steps with you. And if it doesn't revive itself,
and you are within a year's warranty, they'll send you a replacement.
Thanks! :D
Amerah, let us know how it goes for you...

Good luck!

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