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Kindle DX out for $489. Large screen Kindle DX for textbooks

Update: Kindle DX is available now for pre-order at Amazon for $489. Cover for the DX ships separately for $49.
Main features -
1) 9.7" screen.
2) Auto-Rotate.
3) PDF Support.

They say they have 60% of textbooks available and 3 of the major publishers signed up. 5 universities are running a trial program. 3 newspapers are running a trial in the summer and also will be offering cheaper Kindle DX in return for a subscription.

It just says it'll ship in the summer - no date given. Amazon is locking up customers by allowing early preorders.
Original Version:
A lot of newspapers (150+) are writing about invites sent out for a news conference at Pace University on wed at 10 am in NYC.
A large screen kindle 3 is the likely suspect.
A lot of newspapers are already talking about how it's probably for newspapers. NYTimes said that there are already partnerships with several newspapers (though they wouldn't disclose if they were involved).

No news yet at the Kindle Store.
Some good information at ZDNet who believe Kindle 3 will be targeted at textbooks and not newspapers.

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Well.... since I have 1.0 already, I think I'm going to have to hold out for a flexible, color touch-screen. I know it's out there... it just has to get to us.
:( Im not sure they need a K3 yet, seems like the K2 just came out

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