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Amazon have today announced that the Kindle 2 International version will be available in over 100 countries.
Its priced at $279 - however, postage and custom duties are extra. In UK for example the total price comes to $345.

Kindle International release date is October 19th, 2009. Preorders are available.

Wouldn't be surprised if they sell out soon.

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This should come in very handy for my friend who travels frequently

It's very good news that Kindle 2 International version now is launched. However the 6" screen is very small. Thus it's desireable that also the Kindle DX 9,7" version is also made available internationally. Anyone now anything about wether this is going to happen?
Amazon have confirmed with a UK newspaper, perhaps it was the Guardian, that Kindle DX International will be released - they seemed to hint at a 2010 International Kindle DX release date.
Thank you Abhi, for the good news!


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