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Well, I was showing my Kindle (about 6 weeks old) to my friend at book club last night, and it suddenly went off and won't come back on! I've tried charging it overnight and again this evening. Still no luck! I hadn't used it for a long time (I was supposed to wait until Christmas). Any help troubleshooting this? Surely it doesn't already need a new battery????

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Questions that come to mind: 1. Is the Wireless on?
2. Did you cycle the power switch Off/On?
If cycling the power switch doesn't bring it back, there's always the reset button on the back. (it's under the battery cover, something small like a paperclip would work to push it.)
I generally keep the wireless off unless I'm going to use it, this prolongs the time between battery charges.
Hope this is useful for you!
I have turned the wireless off and on, just as I have the power switch. I will try to find the reset switch battery cover next - I didn't know it had one! thanks!
Yes, that worked! Thanks so much for the reply, Mary!
It helps to keep a paperclip nearby!
Yes, it always seems to be the most important computer repair tool, doesn't it? ;)
NO problem, I seem to recall that happening to me in the first week I had my Kindle, hasn't happened since! Since I'm one of the geek types, (Electronics technician by trade) I tend to tinker with things! Glad to hear that worked for you.

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