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Kindle Your Social Life --- We're Making Reading Cool Again buy a Kindle! I've been looking at Kindle for quite some time now and just haven't bought one yet. Some due to having the money and some due to, whether I'll miss my books. (hard copy that is) :)

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Comment by Christina on July 24, 2009 at 12:53pm
There are 2 gadgets I want, one is the Kindle and the other is an Archos 5 internet media tablet. Both are about the same price. I'll just have to get one of them now and the other a few months..okay weeks from now lol
Comment by Mary on July 24, 2009 at 9:29am
Funny you should say that! I got my first Kindle by telling my husband that I wanted one for my birthday. he said, "okay, go ahead and order one!" It's a great tactic for men who don't like to shop!
Comment by Christina on July 24, 2009 at 3:54am
Thanks Mary! I love gadgets too,...and if i had the money last year, I was ready to buy a Kindle, but I didn't have the money and I kept thinking about whether I really should get one or it's been, "yes, no, yes, no" for quite a
Yesterday was my Anniversary, I wonder if I can convince my forgetful husband to buy me a Kindle? lol :)
Comment by Mary on July 23, 2009 at 11:31pm
Well, Christina, If you've read any of my posts, you'll know I'm a kindle-holic for sure!

I have owned a Kindle (both 1 & 2) for over a year now. The only hard-cover books I've read in the past year have been school texts ( I'm working on a bachelor's degree, at long last!) and a couple of books I had but hadn't gotten around to reading. I don't miss the weight of a full size hard-cover book. I've read more in the past year than I had for probably the past five years previous combined!
I like the convenience of having a virtual library at my fingertips while waiting in line at the bank ( or the doctor, dentist, etc). I have the opportunity to open a book or magazine and read any time, anywhere. The battery on my K2 will last at least a week to 10 days of reading, if not more with the wireless off. Does it replace the feel and smell of a traditional book? To be perfectly honest, not really. Do I miss them? Not terribly, but I have a fair collection of hardback books. There are certain authors whose books I will continue to purchase in hardback as the opportunity arises, so if I feel the need, I can go downstairs, pull a book off the shelf and enjoy!
The best part about a Kindle is this: You can carry a book or two with you on vacation, and if you don't feel like reading that particular genre, you're out of luck. Or let's say it was a really great book and you finished it quickly. Now you have nothing more to read until you get to a library or bookstore. With the Kindle, you have hundreds of books at your fingertips. Don't feel like reading Sci-fi? read romance. Don't feel like reading fiction? go for a non-fiction title. Nothing on your Kindle suits your mood today? go to Amazon (with your Kindle) and pick out a book, or better yet, get a sample of two or three books for free, and read a bit of each to decide which one you want to spend money on!
The bulk of the books on my Kindle are free books. There are a number of websites dedicated to providing books at low cost or free. ( Almost all of the classics are available for free!) On this website there are quite often offers from authors promoting their books either free or at ridiculously low prices.
There is a thread on one of the discussions here about how much money you've saved by buying Kindle format books vice hard-back or paperback books. I haven't checked on it lately, but I'm sure that if I had bought all the books on my Kindle in paperback, I could have paid for the Kindle at least twice by now! Not to mention the space they would be taking up on my bookshelves!
Worried about losing the e-book? I have a copy on my hard drive, a back-up of the hard drive, as well as the Kindle itself, and all the books I have purchased from Amazon are there to re-download to my (or my husband's) Kindle at any time.
I don't regret even for a moment having spent the money to buy a Kindle. ( I will admit, I'm a geek and love all the new gadgets, but I don't necessarily buy them!) I do watch how much money I spend on books. It's so easy to buy a new book with your Kindle, I keep a mental total of what I've spent so as to not go over 'budget'! I usually go on binges, but this week I got lucky, and I binged on free books from Amazon!
Whether this convinces you to buy a Kindle or not, it will at least give you some food for thought!

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