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I got my Cole Haan yesterday and I took some pics this morning with my beautiful
Borsa Bella Case. Really like how these two go together...I was concerned her case was a little too big, but I think the fit is perfect.

You do have to work the leather a bit on this cover. I think it is purposely made a tiny bit tight (the upper right does not quite cover the Kindle at first) because with time it will loosen up. I just pulled it, to cover, there is plenty of give and then over night held it in place with an elastic band. It is almost perfect now.
Also note the color of my pics is a lot more accurate than the ones on the Amazon site (thank goodness)
it is more a rich carmel than a "tan".

Also, it folds back very well, you do have to kind of push the spine in to do it and again over time it will probably lay almost completely flat!


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Comment by Cuechick on February 28, 2009 at 8:21pm
Oh I hope you enjoy the case and if you go for this cover, let me know how you like it. I think I forgot to mention it feels amazing, so soft, like butter!

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