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Do you ever wonder what your grandmother or great grandmother would have to say about the internet and blogs and Facebook and Twitter and all the fun tools we have at our fingertips? Well, today my grandmothers made it into cyberspace. Of course, they did it virtually, as most things are done these days.

Today my pioneer family saga:  Kathryn, Days of Struggle and Triumph; Elizabeth, Days of Loss and Hope; and Stephanie, Days of turmoil and Victory: The Daughters of Courage went live on Kindle. This trilogy is the story of an Idaho pioneer family— mostly a composit of my family, but incorporating other pioneer stories as well.

I was backed into writing these books by an editor who wanted a pioneer series. This was when "Little House of the Prarie" was leading popularity polls and pioneer romances were what bonnet romances are today. "Another tree doesn't need to die for more of what's alreadyout there," I replied.

Then I started reading the accounts of our Idaho desert pioneers and discovered that their stories hadn't been told at all. Desert pioneering was entirely different from sodbusting on the prairie. I developed the most tremendous respect for these women who survived in a climate where their nearest water was 15 miles away in the Snake River and the air was so dry that clothes spread out over sagebrush bushes would dry in 15 minutes— at night.

And so I told their story and the stories of their daughters who lived through the Great Depression and their granddaughters who came of age during the turbulence of the 60's and70's. This is my story, the story of our state and of our nation. Maybe it will be your story, too, because no matter what age we live in, surviving and triumphing requires courage.

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