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Dear Booksummit Members,
Today, Stay Thirsty has posted an interview with me regarding my latest novel for Kindle, Mrs. Beast. If you would like to read about the writing of the novel, please visit their website,

Thanks and best,
Pamela Ditchoff

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Comment by Pamela Ditchoff on May 2, 2009 at 10:39am
Hello Ray,
Thanks for your comment. Amazing the www and how it makes connections for us that would have been impossible otherwise. We must have met or at least been in the same room:) Do you know Linda Peckham? I have great memories of my two years at LCC.
All best, Pamela
Comment by Ray Turner on May 2, 2009 at 10:16am

I enjoyed reading your interview at staythirsty and look forward to reading Mrs. Beast. I followed the link at staythirsty to your wikepedia entry and was pleased to note we are from the same town and attended the same university at about the same time. I also see you attended Lansing Community College where I've worked for 30 years; I now teach technical writing for LCC online from my home in Corpus Christi TX.

After Mrs. Beast, I'll have to read your novel set in Lansing to see if I am in it.

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