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At my age, I read for fun. Don't talk to me about books that will make me smarter. I was already as smart as I'll ever be a few decades ago. And, reading retirement financial books is the best way to nod off quickly.

Give me a good mystery book. For me, I prefer a different era like the Nate Heller books by Max Allan Collins or James Ellroy books.

I don't give any book a big chance. If it isn't interesting from the get-go, I let go. Sure I paid for the book, but I don't have to pay more in my time to read a book that bores me. If I don't enjoy reading it, why read it? For my original investment in the book? That's silly.

Stats show that most men in their 20s and 30s don't read novels like we Boomers or Geezers used to. What a shame. There's very few things as good as settling down and reading a good book.

Jon Spoelstra

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